Tuesday, December 5, 2023


 On Monday afternoon Cheryl and Janine did a workshop on Canva and how they have used it in there cluster. They showed us the basics and some of the great tools and resources available. It can do so much more than I realised, it is a great resource that students would love. They also shared lots of videos to support us to have ago and learn. I spent a few hours learning and exploring. The education account is free to schools and our Te Hiku cluster has talked about getting it. I am hooked so am going to contact our tech support New Era to discuss the process of pushing it out to all our schools chromebooks. Highlights to me where the great AI tools available, Magic studio, bulk create, text effects, video which are only a few of the amazing creativity you can do. There is also the templates and teaching resources and planning. 

Guess what I will be doing next week when I am not in classes.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The Summer Learning Journey has a new home

Kia ora koutou,  You are welcome to explore the Summer Learning Journey activities from 2021-2022 here. We had lots of fun during this Summer and you can still try any of the activities and share on your  blog for fun.

We have moved and you can find links to all our previous Summer Learning Journey on our site

Click the image below to visit our new blog and check out when to register for the next Summer Learning Journey.