Wednesday, January 5, 2022

He Hokonga - Ngā Ōrau



  1. Kia ora koutou,
    As this mahi/activity is in te reo Māori, here is some quick advice to assist you with the mahi;
    He Hokonga = A sale
    Ōrau = percentage %
    The first task is to create a 'sale poster/advertisement' in Google Drawings. You can pick an item/s that you like and put them on sale (for example shoes, clothes etc). Discount the item/s by 10% or 30%.
    The second levelling up activity is to create a sale poster for a more expensive 'big ticket' type item (for example a house, car, boat, holiday etc). For this mahi you need to discount the original price by 15%.
    **Remember to try and be creative with your posters, as you are trying to 'sell' the items and encourage people to take an interest in the 'sale'.
    Kia kaha and good luck :)

    Ngā mihi nui
    Nā Matua Makaore


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