Friday, January 21, 2022

Ka mau te wehi... thank you for another awesome Summer Learning Journey!

The Summer Learning Journey has reached its destination for another year. It has been an awesome six weeks. Well done to everyone who has participated.  

The team will be working this afternoon to post final comments and tally up all the points for completed activities and your comments. Your schools will be notified of the Summer Learning Journey Prizewinners, including the Top Blogger and Outstanding School for each cluster, later next month.

We have all been inspired and entertained, from the videos, drawings, images and writing that you have created and shared this summer.  Ka mau te wehi.

If you would like to share your reflections on the Summer Learning Journey this year please create a final blog post, either written or video yourself. Below are some ideas you could include.

  • Which activity you enjoyed the most and why
  • Something you found challenging or tricky
  • Three things that you learned during the Summer Learning Journey
  • What would you like to see more of next year... we're keen to hear your ideas.

Have a great 2022!


  1. How late the commenter are commenting because i just posted mine right now

  2. I have one post that haven´t been commented

  3. It's nice to be back at school but now I have to be isolated because a close contact has covid


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