Friday, December 17, 2021

Family History


  1. Hi, sorry I can not do this activity because my parents think that maybe the information about my grandparents should just be able to be heard only in our family. Thank you

    Kind Regards, ALilia

  2. Kia ora Alilia,
    I am impressed to see you are thinking like a cybersmart learner and making decisions about what information to share online and what to keep private. Well done.

    When I was younger I enjoyed hearing stories from my grandmother especially about what life was like for her when she was younger. Some of these stories are definitely only shared within our family.

    One of my favourite stories was about when she travelled on a ship from Scotland to New Zealand and how long it took. It is always a story I remember and was glad she had shared it with me as I found more information about it on the New Zealand History website.

    Whether we choose to share our stories or keep them for our families, talking with older family members and learning about their lives can be so interesting.

    There will be lots more activities posted next week for you to choose from too,
    From Mrs Grant

  3. This task was really interesting


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