Thursday, December 16, 2021

Vector Art


  1. Malo e leilei,
    My name is Kiarah from Pt England (Yr 7). I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this task a lot! It was an awesome, fun and easy way to learn more about Vector Art. Thank-you for putting this together!

    1. Malo Kiarah, thank you for your positive feedback. Google Draw is one of my favourite Apps for creating. I agree with you, Mr Walker has designed a fun and creative activity. I can see on your blog you have completed both the Kick Start and Step It up activities to, awesome effort.

      from Mrs Grant

  2. Thank you for this task.

  3. What is a vector art?

  4. Kia ora Olivia

    There is a great video at the top of the activity explaining what you need to do. The task uses Google Draw and is lots of fun. Go check it out.
    Ngā mihi


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