Monday, December 20, 2021

nanogirl: Challenge 2 - Build Something That Floats!


This week's challenge is to build something that floats!


Use your webcam and screencastify to record video and images to share on your blog.
Remember to write about what you discovered, enjoyed, found tricky or any helpful tips.


Share what you created today on your blog. 


  1. But i do not have a item that I can put water in all of it is for drinking I should have not thrown the carboard boxes away LOL!

    1. Kia ora Krishay!

      How about you fill up your bathroom sink, or even put a bit of water in your bath! Make sure that the plug is in, and then pop your invention in and see how far it travels, or how much weight it can hold before sinking! Good luck!

      Ngā mihi nui,
      Charlotte :)

  2. Why are people not commenting me?

    1. Kia Ora


      My name is Quein and I am a blog commenter for the Manaiakalani Summer Learning Journey. It is really awesome to see you engaging with the SLJ. I have provided feedback on your recent posts. It is Great to see the time and effort you are putting into your summer learning journey- Ka Pai!!! There are lots of fun activities. I really liked this week's nanogirl activity as you can get the chance to be an inventor.
      Here is this weeks Nanogirl activity.

      If you have any questions let us know we are always happy to help.

      I’m looking forward to seeing your next blog post for the SLJ!!!

      Remember to have an Awesome Summer !!!

      Ngā mihi,


  3. Kia ora Sual,
    The commenting team are back today after the weekend and will be commenting on all the post from over the weekend. You should expect to see comments by the end of today.

    ngā mihi,
    Mrs Grant

  4. This task really float me away!!! :)


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