Monday, January 4, 2021

Build a Sundial with Nanogirl!



Activity 1:


Sundials are ancient technology which we still use today. Sundials have been used to measure the passing of time for over 3,000 years. The oldest sundial we know about is from ancient Egypt, and it was used as a way to tell workers when the start and end of their working day should be.


Use your webcam and screencastify to record video and images to share on your blog.
Remember to write about what you discovered, enjoyed, found tricky or any helpful tips.


Share what you discovered today on your blog. 
Take a look at Jessie's post to see how you can share on your blog
Also see how Maddison has added helpful labels to her image for her blog post. 


  1. Posted a new task today. This is a task from last week but I did not do it so I did it.

    Nga mihi,

  2. Kia ora tohinoa so sorry for this, I promise this is not an excuse to not complete these tasks but these days have been very busy and we are always at the beach which I forgot all my equipment from home, so sorry for this but will get back to these tasks soon! Thank you

  3. Hi SLJ team, here's the link to my post, Thanks

  4. Kia ora Nano girl & the SLJ team!

    Sorry for the long wait but I have finally completed this task from Monday. I couldn't do the video because it was super noisy and difficult to record with everyone, especially my siblings. But If it wasn't so hot outside I would have recorded but it was way to hot so I hope you understand me. Instead I replaced it with a slide show so if you guys want to check it out just use this link.

    Blog Post Link:


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