Monday, December 14, 2020

Go on a treasure hunt with Nanogirl!

Activity 1


Over the next six weeks, Nanogirl will help you create some cool experiments! 

You will need some equipment!

Nanogirl will help you find the equipment around your house and find cool alternative items to use in the experiments.


Use your webcam and screencastify to record video and images to share on your blog.
Remember to write about what you discovered, enjoyed, found tricky or any helpful tips.


Share what you discovered today on your blog. 

Take a look at Finau and Viliami's posts to see how you can share on your blog


  1. Kia ora Mrs Grant. I had fun doing this activity and it was really funny and cool. here the link Thank you Mrs Grant and Nanogirls lab.

    1. Thank you Sau, I am glad you enjoyed this activity. I have commented on your blog.

      Malo, Mrs Grant

  2. Malo e lelei Mrs Grant, This weeks activity was fun and challenging. Link . Thank you nanogirl lab and Mrs Grant for this amazing activity.

  3. Hello and Talofa lava, Mrs Grant, I was still trying to figering out how to do something with these and it was also challenging. Here is my blog link And i really hope you comment on one of my blog post.
    / LINK :
    Have a nice day.

    1. Ngā mihi Lovely, thank you for the positive feedback. I will visit your blog and take a look at how you progressed.
      Remember all comments that are positive, thoughtful or helpful will receive points. Remember to submit a link to your published comment using this form.

      mā te wā,
      Mrs Grant

  4. Hi Mrs. Grant, this activity was so much fun, here's my blog post.

  5. Hey, here's the link.

  6. Wow! This was so fun to do and my viewers also tried this challenge out. I got to see their cool postes too.


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