Monday, December 28, 2020

It's Cool to be Kind

Activity 2: It's Cool To Be Kind




Earn Bonus Points

To earn bonus points your comments need to be positive thoughtful and helpful 


To earn bonus points you need to submit the link to your comment on this form  

Smart Learners create bookmarks so they can quickly navigate their learning. Bookmark this Form so you can open it quickly to submit your comments.


  1. Kia ora Fellow bloggers and more, this activity taught me alot !, to understand and know what they are talking about and also to reply or comment with something nice and thoughtful! Here is the link for my blog Thank you

  2. Hi Mrs Grant!

    I think I have may done the second box wrong. I thought you meant to write it on you blog and take a screenshot of it and take a screenshot of it getting publishing it. Here's link to it.

    Sorry, Bye!

    1. Kia Ora Finau, I can see you have completed all parts of this activity, well done.

      The second text box in the Google Draw could be used to craft your comment before publishing. We recommend using another doc to craft blog comments first before copying and pasting into the comment field on the blog. This enables time to proof check comments before publishing. Also if there is not time to complete the comment it is saved on the doc and you can come back to it later. If you type straight into the comment field in the blog there is always a chance your comment will be lost before you have time to publish.
      I noticed you have also included a link to Alamoni's blog in your post too. This is a clever strategy too as it highlights the blog for your readers.

      I am sure Alamoni appreciates your reply,
      Mrs Grant

  3. Hey Mrs Grant!

    I loved this task because it was easy and because I got to share this wonderful comment from Benjamin to other blog viewers as well as my reply. Thank you Mrs Grant for this lovely task.

    Blog Link:

  4. I like doing this amazing task. why not come and check out my work.

  5. this task was really fun and easy.
    blog link:

  6. I like doing this cool task.


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