Friday, December 25, 2020

Meri Kirihimete ki a koutou

Activity 1: Kick Start 

Get together with your whānau and record yourself sharing a favourite song to celebrate.

Upload to your Google Drive and share on your blog. 

Remember to change the share settings for your video in Google Drive to anyone with the link can view.


Activity 2: Step It Up 


  • Choose a game your whānau enjoy playing when you are celebrating together.
  • This could be a game your whānau has invented
  • Take a picture or record a short video playing the game.


  • Upload your picture or video to your blog
  • Write an explanation to teach others how to play the game
  • Remember to include a list of any equipment you need.

Share video in Google Drive - Anyone with the link before embedding on your blog.


    1. Hello Mrs Grant!

      My family doesn't celebrate Christmas. Is it OK if I just sing a Christmas song with my sisters?


      Aye :)

      1. Kia ora Aye

        I'll be filling in for Mrs Grant today.

        Yes of course that's ok! I can't wait to hear it!

        Meri Kirihimete, Merry Christmas,
        Benjamin from the SLJ commenting team

      2. Hello Benjamin!

        OK, thank you! Have a Merry Christmas!

    2. Hey Benjamin,

      My name is Marwah. My family does not celebrate Christmas either and we are not keen in singing. Is it ok if I can put the video of me and my group dancing from school instead.

      ¬Nga Mihi

    3. Kia ora Marwah, for Activity 1: Kick Start you are invited to share a favourite song to celebrate. This could be for any reason you celebrate at or home or at school. If you decide to share your group dancing from school include some information in your post about the dance for your readers too.

      Ngā mihi,
      Mrs Grant


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