Thursday, December 31, 2020

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Activity 1: Kick Start 



  • Create your own Fruit and Vege Art
  • You could use pictures you have taken or cut from old magazines or Newspapers
  • Take a photo of your Art
  • Share your Art on your blog
  • Include three interesting facts about the artist Arcimboldo who inspired your work.

Activity 2: Step It Up 



  • Create a Google Draw and search the web for images  to create your Fruit and Vege Art

  • Create a screencast of your Google Draw and talk about how Archimboldo inspired you to create your artwork.


Embed your Screencastify on your blog.



    1. Hey it is me Kali,
      I added new tasks so could someone please check it out so I can get points for it? Thanks so much!

      Nga mihi,


    3. Kia ora Kali

      It's Renee from the Summer Learning Journey Team. Ka pai on all of your excellent blog posts so far this summer. The Summer Learning Journey Team love seeing your posts and you will get points towards your Summer Learning Journey tally for each of your posts that relate to a Summer Learning Journey activity. The Summer Learning Journey team have a lot of amazing posts to review and want to make sure all of our comments are of the highest quality, but you can be sure we will always respond to your new posts as soon as we can.

      Mā te wā

    4. Kia ora everyone, This activity was so fun! I had a great time creating an art work using food!
      Here is the link to my blog Thank you

    5. Kia ora SLJ team and Mrs Grant!

      I've just completed this task and I just wanted to say this was a great activity because we were able to learn about an artist that was really interesting to learn about. His art peaces were really fascinating to check out. This task was very simple which is why I enjoyed it. I hope you guys check it out!

      Blog Link:


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