Saturday, December 19, 2020

Kia pai te mutunga wiki - have a good weekend!


Are you up to date with all the Week 1 Activities?

Have you completed both 

Activity 1: Kick Start and Activity 2: Step It Up 

You can share both activities on the same post or create two posts.... your choice.
Take a look at Deborah @ Glen Innes School 
She has shared both Activity 1: Kick Start and Activity 2: Step it Up for Tānerore on the same post


  1. Hello I'm Shanaya from kawakawa primary school
    Is it okay that I'm only getting the few activities I've done for this week out today?
    There a a few I haven't completed but I'm trying to get the ones I have done out today

    -Shanaya :)

    1. Kia Ora Shanaya

      My name is Renee and I’m from the Summer Learning Journey Team. That is no problem at all - feel free to post during the weekend in response to SLJ activities posted from the previous week. I look forward to seeing your posts over summer.

      Ngā mihi nui and keep up the excellent mahi.
      Renee (SLJ)

  2. Hi Mrs Grant!

    It's Finau here. I only did the kick start activities and not the step up. Is that okay?

    1. Morena Finau

      My name is Renee and I’m from the Summer Learning Journey Team. I am so happy to learn that you are participating in the Summer Learning Journey and it is great that you are posting in response to the “Kick Start” part of the activities on your blog. You are not required to also complete the “Step It Up” elements of the activities but those bloggers that do both “Kick Start” and “Step It Up” will receive extra bonus points towards their Summer Learning Journey points tally. So, if you are interested in the “Step It Up” part of an activity I would encourage you to give it a go as well :)!

      Ngā mihi nui and keep up the excellent mahi - I can’t wait to see your posts over the summer.

      Renee (SLJ)

    2. Thanks so much for telling me Renee. I really want extra points. Hehe!